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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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About Us

“Four Decades of Style Only Makes Us Better At It.”

Our Company

“Wear Luxury, Feel Priceless”

Silky Touch Emporium, since inception remains a staple for luxury fashion wears and accessories in Nigeria. For over 40 years, we have combed the fashion world for exotic, flawless Italian designers, giving you top value for money.

Our catalogue balances simplicity and sophistication to keep your confidence in style. Every purchase across our outlet fits; and to make this possible, we have tailors mentored in Italian classic styles on your demand. This means you can alter to perfection.

Silky Touch Emporium values excellence in wares, and personnel. Our team echoes this; in all departments through shopping assistants, to marketers, tailors, support and admin. We remain professionals with a passion.

Our Vision

Affordable Luxury, Every Seam fits to an inch.

Since our first branch opened in 1984, we have kept good on our promise to deliver the highest order of luxury garments. Since then, we have satisfied generations of customers with quality products, and great service.

We own four outlets across Nigeria, where customers can enjoy the unique Silky Touch experience. Every order is packaged and delivered with care because we believe these brands are an investment to own.

This is also why we floated bespoke garment cleaning service to care for your luxury fashion items. We want to ensure longevity, and preservation of your Silky Touch collectibles.

We have a vision to continue raising the standards for men’s fashion and tastes in Nigeria.



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About the Founder

A Class Act

Ogbuefi Victor Okolie; gentleman, fashionista is defined by certain qualities that set him apart from the fold. Words like excellent, confident, premium describe his person, and these qualities reflect in his approach to life.

Victor Okolie has an uncommon eye for detail, and a strong awareness of what he sets out to achieve. To maintain his standard of quality, he has traveled far and wide to top European and Asian garment houses. Just to stock up at the most esteemed hands worldwide.

Offering brands like Stefano Ricci, Brioni, Mauri, he remains passionate about luxury, and recommends nothing short of the best for his customers. These factors have continued to shape Silky Touch Emporium, as a company, and lifestyle.

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