Stefano Ricci

Acquiring a piece of Stefano Ricci product brings with it sense of style that makes the  STEFANO RICCI MAN’s lifestyle above all; a fulfilment of his own desires. Within the classical, formal, and sportswear styles, it is the finest leather and details that make the difference. A triumph of craftsmanship, of quality at the highest level, and of a production that is proudly 100% Made in Italy. A combination of pure artisanry and constant innovation is enhanced by the daring of the eagle that flies ideally over the cradle of the Renaissance.


Rolls Royce are made like Brioni Suits it the choice of the world’s most influential men, a highly significant status symbol – elegant, sophisticated, and empowering.

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Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri can be described as a perfect Gentleman. An Italian brand specialized in both formal and casual menswear with over 104 phases of construction, made of 100% virgin linen. We stock from Spar 120-180.


Casual at work is optional looking good is not…Cortigiani brand believes style means knowledge, careful choice of materials and sometimes unrepeatable techniques. Their jeans are made from Japanese denim; the best in the world, produced with the best Italian craftsmanship.


Dell’Ga is a benchmark for the Italian leather industry.The very quality of its products, recognized and sought after, has increased the prestige of the brand worldwide. Suitcases, bags, briefcases, suit carriers – all strictly hand-made with that classic feel that brings exception sophistication to style.

Umberto Bilancioni

Umberto Bilancioni has a collection of casual wear with a careful mix of creativity without excess and strong passion for craftsmanship quality and functionality.  The aim is to strike a balance between the refined elegance of tailoring and dynamism of a comfortable, relaxed and elegant style.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a Florentine brand specializing in luxury leather goods created in 1975 by Il Ponte Pelletteria SpA today; The Bridge is known strength. Solid brass and genuine Cowhide are used in the production of their leather products.

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Nipmar is a small artisan company that has gained international acclaim by reaching markets around the world. The art of making quality and stylish shoes has been passed down through the family with great passion, just like a precious jewel, since 1908. Quality is not compromised when selecting leather, only the finest French calves of outstanding quality pass the selection of Nipmar masters.


Tonino Caccin, founder of the firm, learned young the art of shoe making. In 1977 he created the brand RUNIC, conceiving and producing models of high quality that are characterized today by the particular handicraft workmanship and are still produced according to the most ancient traditions of “Riviera del Brenta”.


The Mauri shoes are the luxury lovers’pride. The craftsmanship is high quality, as well as the materials, making for an all around luxury item catered to an exclusive niche. The product has gained popularity over the course of the years, and today it is well recognized within the industry as a distinctive designer shoe brand.

Stefano Ricci Homeware

Made with fine Porcelain in  the highest quality of china for tableware and decorative items. They are are luxurious yet welcoming, exotic but strictly handcrafted, as exquisitely sophisticated as the company of people with whom one enjoys sharing each emotion. The decoration are made in 100% silk and 18 carat gold label.