Welcome to Silky Touch Emporium (STE), founded in 1984 by Ogbuefi Victor Okolie, the Chief Executive Officer, STE is a Luxury Goods Store with four branches in Nigeria. We have been serving customers with the finest Italian luxury brands for over 30 years.

Our goal is to ensure that we satisfy our customers, providing them with every service and exclusive fashion product that will encourage them to continue to express their individual style.


With over 30 men and women in the major departments of sales and marketing, Administration, Accounts, Tailoring and support services, Silky Touch is poised to continue and improve upon its services to their highly demanding customers in the millennium.

High premium is placed in updating the skills and methods of members of the various departments through periodic workshops and seminars organized by some of the nation’s most outstanding specialized professionals and management consultancies.

welcome to silky touch emporium


We will by the Grace of God continually strive to position Silky Touch Emporium at strategic locations across the country for easy accessibility to our exclusive products of style and creativity.

Our tailoring department was created specifically for alterations and repair. A member of the unit was trained by the Brioni Master tailors at the factory at penne so that accurate measurements “the Brioni way” can be achieved for our customers who require made-to-measure garments.

We have also made tremendous progress in our efforts to see that in Nigeria our customers can have the benefit of first rate garment maintenance and cleaning service that can compete with the best quality fashion products, we are concerned about their proper maintenance, because every Silky Touch Product sold to an esteemed customer is an investment.

We remain appreciative and totally committed to all our customers and pray that just as we hope for ourselves, your efforts will continue to yield victorious results.