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Home / Blog / Why I Wear My Jackets For One Year Without Cleaning And Why You Should Too.

From my office window, I see quite a number people come in and out with suits for dry-cleaning in the dry-cleaning outfit close to my office and I know some of my clients might be making the same mistake so I was inspired to write this.

As busy Executive your busy schedule is almost sedentary as you are more in meetings than engaging in rigorous physical activities even if you have to commute to make these meetings.

Let’s start with how I assume you are dressed inwards out; white or black cotton inner t-shirt or singlet,briefs, trousers, shirt, belts or suspenders, socks, shoes, tie and suit/jacket. The jacket comes last in that order as should be expected.

Now this how your typical day goes, from your home you are in a car driving or being driven. If you are driving you should not drive with the jacket on. Most of our cars are well ventilated hence no sweating yet. If you are being driven and you are alone behind, you also have the luxury of not putting on the jacket. But you are mandated to put on the jacket the moment you step out of the car.

Most times in the office your suit should be on the suit-hanger on less you are in a meeting all day. Can I chip in here that it is a right business move for you to ask to use a business partner’s suit-hanger if you are in prolonged meeting? Yes you should, it loosens the air around and you know deals can be made better in a less tense environment.

This analogy goes to show that most of the times your suits and jacket are not really in use hence no need to be cleaned as often as a lot of people do. Unless you have as few as 3 and you dress them every week you have no business cleaning your suit more than once in a year.

How then they can be maintained to make have that fresh look all year round? It is by slightly brush over them after use. Most times I use my hand but a lint roller can be used to pass over them once they have been worn about twice. Also when there are visible creases the back of the jacket can be ironed from inside i.e the inner side of the fabric with a WARM iron.

The reason for this delicate care is to enjoy your investment on that beautiful piece of fashion. The inner lining of jackets are built with a stiff fabric call the canvas which gives it that complete majestic structured look and frequent cleaning would ruin that structure. That is why I only clean my jacket once a year.




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